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The City of Chilliwack, British Columbia is a community of approximately 80,000 people, located 100 kilometres east of the City of Vancouver. From Chilliwack's modest agricultural roots of yesteryear, the community has grown into the second largest municipality in the Upper Fraser Valley, covering a territory of 100 square miles. Surrounding Chilliwack are the U.S. border to the south, Abbotsford to the west, the Fraser River to the north and the unincorporated area of the Fraser Valley Regional District as well as Bridal Falls and Hope to the east. Chilliwack features a significant services and trade sector - including retail and tourism related activities - ; agriculture; forestry; and manufacturing operations - including plastics; pharmaceuticals; highway trailers; pet foods; environmental products; medical technologies; mining equipment; furniture and lumber re-manufacturing.

According to industry, manufacturing, retail trade, and agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting make up a majority of the jobs in Chilliwack at 12.3 percent, 10.5 percent, and 9.9 percent, respectively. The current unemployment rate for Chilliwack is 5.0 percent.