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About Jobs in Abbotsford

The City of Abbotsford, with a population of over 138,179, is bounded by the Fraser River on the north, the U.S. border on the south, and expands between Chilliwack and Langley, east to west. Abbotsford includes the areas of Abbotsford, Bradner, Clayburn, Clearbrook, Huntingdon, Matsqui, Mount Lehman and Sumas. According to industry, manufacturing, retail trade, and construction make up a majority of the jobs in Abbotsford at 11.4 percent, 11.1 percent, and 9.9 percent, respectively.

Abbotsford has been one of the fastest-growing economies in Canada over the past decade, and enjoys a robust and diversified economy. Agriculture, food processing, agri-culture, aerospace, airport-related business, manufacturing, logistics and transportation are key, well-developed sectors of the local economy providing jobs in Abbotsford. Two sectors with significant growth potential are the health sciences sector, anchored by the new Abbotsford Regional Hospital and Cancer Centre and the post-secondary education and research sector, anchored by the University of the Fraser Valley.

By building on the City's natural advantages and its well-developed existing agri-business and manufacturing base and by unlocking the unrealized potential in airport, health sciences and education/research, Abbotsford can become a centre for innovation, which will lead to more high-quality jobs in Abbotsford and community investment.

Agriculture and its related industries and services are the backbone of Abbotsford's economy. The city is the leading agricultural area in BC, and leads Canada in agriculture productivity per hectare. By continuing to foster research and innovation in the areas of value-added products and services, food processing, waste management and health-food products, the Abbotsford economy can build on this core strength.